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Waste Dumping

A waste hauler and his company were charged Thursday with dozens of criminal counts for what prosecutors said was years of dumping millions of gallons of wastewater from natural gas drilling, sewage sludge and restaurant grease into streams and mine shafts.

Seventy criminal counts were filed against a Waste Hauler (Allan’s Waste Water Service Inc.) and ninety-eight more against  the owner Robert Allan Shipman. His company has been accused of ordering drivers to open valves at night or during rainstorms at natural gas drilling wells; dumping the wastewater into nearby creeks; and also of ordering drivers to dump wastewater into a floor drain with a direct connection to a nearby stream.

These offenses took place between 2003 and 2009; and would result in higher profit–regardless of the environmental damage. The accused was allegedly overcharging his customers by over $250,000.

His alleged actions may have helped with the polluting of Dunkards Creek, and contributed to a 30-mile fish kill; as he was accused of dumping at a brine disposal well named Morris Run. This same well was fined in 2009 by the EPA for lax security and improper logging  of truck coming and going from the well.The well was shut down after the fish kill, which resulted from a algae bloom caused by an increase in salinity of the well.

If this one  has been caught, how many others are out there who haven’t been?

Waste Dumping on the road from a waste truck Of course, this isn’t a shot of one of the alleged trucks, but it shows a truck dumping waste water right on a road.

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